Measure the Smile of your customers

Analyze and improve the customer engagement of your loyalty program.

Measure Smile
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Understand Your Customer Better

Analyze customer spending behavior, revenue contribution, CLV (Customer Lifetime Value), Total and Avg orders per customer by group (members, candidate, excluded) and many other metrics to run a successful loyalty program.

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Easy Integration with Ecommerce platform

Our 3 minutes pain-free integrations with most popular platforms.

1 click Integration Available for Shopify and Shopify plus.

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Key metrics available out of the box

Understand key metrics of your loyalty program performance and make a data-driven decision on the go...

Outstanding Points

Total outstanding (earned) points by customer group.

Customer Lifetime Value

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) of your overall business and by customer group.

Avg Order per Customers

Avg Orders placed by customers and by individual customer group.

Revenue Contribution

How much each segment of customer group is contributing to overall Revenue.

Member Growth

Member Growth on each segment of customer and how much they are bringing revenue

Segmentation for MailChimp

Create unlimited segments of your customer's available metrics.

Looking for custom metrics?

Let us know what you want to measure and we will add those metrics to your dashboard.

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Personalize Your Brand Communication and Engagement

Create unlimited MailChimp segments of your customers based on point balance, total spend, no of orders, customer group and many other metrics.